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The article states some of the facts of facial mole removal. It also states some of the techniques used for mole removal and the ways in which they are implemented.

Facial moles or warts are the most problematic anyone can get because they are exposed on an area of the body that is almost impossible to cover up. Their location is the source of all the emotional anguish these people feel. A few people have moles that actually enhance their natural beauty. A famous example of such a person is Marilyn Monroe. Majority of facial moles are however ugly marks on the skin and many people look into facial mole removal.

The composition of a mole is actually clusters of normal skin pigment cells. These cells in a normal situation would be spread more or less evenly all over the skin. However in some instances, for various reasons they may form clusters resulting in these blemishes. Treatment of these warts varies as some are harder to cure than others.

In order to get the healing process started, a person affected by warts would have to visit a dermatologist. These are doctors who specialize in skin care. The doctor will carry out an examination of the moles and recommend an appropriate course of action to be taken to eliminate this problem. There are a number of measures that can be taken, but they are broadly categorized into natural methods and surgical removal.

Natural remedies are preferred over drugs and other chemical solutions because of the sometimes harsh side effects involved in the use of medicines. It is also cheap and they can be discontinued without risk of withdrawal symptoms. They consist of tea tree oil, baking soda, sour apple, dandelion roots and onion juice.

Cotton swabs are used to apply the squeezed juice of these different plant extracts. As for the baking soda, it is in powder form so it has to be added to some liquid solvent like vinegar or castor oil. The tea tree and castor oils are already in liquid form and are applied directly without any preparation on the mole.

Most moles are not in any position to cause any real harm, but in some cases, they may pose a threat to the life of a person. When this happens, the quickest and surest way of eliminating them is employed. Removal surgery then becomes an option. There are different forms of this method.

Laser removal does not involve any cutting. Also the wound heals a lot cleaner leaving no scars. If the mole needs to be sent to the lab for analysis, then an excision with stitches needs to be done. The mole would have to be cut out, leaving a scar from the stitching. Cauterization is yet another way and involves burning off the mole. There is no cutting involved and thus no scar is left.

Other surgical methods are cryosurgery and shave biopsy. Cryosurgery is the placing of a freezing liquid into the heart of the wart, killing the errant cells that constitute it. This method does not cut the skin and thus leaves no scaring. Shave biopsy is a common way which is done for those spots that stick out above the skin. It includes using a scalpel to lift the whole mole and then the underside is burned to prevent bleeding.

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